The Passion

CCMBA is a 501c3 nonprofit organization devoted to developing, preserving and maintaining Mt bike resources in Columbia County NY.
 CCMBA was founded in 2010 with the goal of creating and maintaning mountain bike resources here in Columbia County. The trails we construct and maintain provide a framework to build a local mountain bike culture and to host events. CCMBA also wants to draw riders to Columbia County so that they will patronize local businesses after enjoying the trails. We pride ourselves on being a major contributor to the local economy and eco-tourism here in Columbia County.
CCMBA also prides itself on creating and maintaining trails using sustainable techniques and a low impact approach when utilizing forest resources. The trails we design and maintain highlight the natural beauty of the terrain and the ecosystem.
CCMBA Organizational Framework
Owen Poland-President /Trail planner/Trail builder
Keenan Smith-VP/ Trail builder
Peter Cook-Lead Project Manager/Trail Builder/Secretary
Jason Kahn-Treasurer/Membership Coordinator
Emily Weiland-Event Planner/Trail Builder/ Promotions Manager
Dee Oliveri-Trail Liaison/Trail Planner/Trail Builder
Zach Feuer-Membership Coordinator/ Lead Project Development
Rick Pitts-